These Eternal Lands client binaries are built from the release version of the source code but with recent bug fix patches applied. They are statically linked (mostly) which allows them to work on a variety of Linux versions.

For Ubuntu/Debian systems, you should use the eternallands package. For Ubuntu, this is available from my launchpad personal package archive. For Debian, it is available from the repository here. See here for further details.

The data archives included here are the release versions and also those used by the Ubuntu/Debian packages.

The files tagged .asc are open gpg digital signatures for the client executable which allow you to verify the file was uploaded by me. My gpg id is provided in my EL forum signature. To verify the file, download both the client and the .asc file then run the following command (replacing signaturefilename with the .asc file name:
gpg --verify signaturefilename

Once downloaded, don't forget to change the file permissions to make it executable. Either by choosing properties from your file manager or using the command:
chmod +x name_of_file_downloaded

Often, a development version of the client is available here.

If you have problems with audio, for example:
open /dev/[sound/]dsp: No such file or directory
Try running through padsp like this:
padsp ./el.x86_64.linux.bin.static
You may need to install padsp from a package such as pulseaudio-utils.

194 - file list

 MD5SUM   Size   Date  Name 
 5980492e7abdd1e1a7adebf0db1c1f6b   63568792   2015-08-10 
 e5eb6ac1c8daacc42b97f2ebf35c7a16   181   2015-08-10 
 80f58582277b86c8a7623e5276907aff   3546624   2015-04-20   el.XP.exe 
 8671c2a61beaed91e82b3dd209469c6c   181   2015-04-20   el.XP.exe.asc 
 80f58582277b86c8a7623e5276907aff   9   2017-12-10   el.exe 
 07235119ad2b9bdc0bf05221bf0d793c   6372372   2015-05-09   el.x86.linux.bin 
 51f6e87a32c6314eee884ed6abed375c   189   2015-05-09   el.x86.linux.bin.asc 
 0012a5c0cb8138b6d16971798897ada4   7033384   2015-05-09   el.x86_64.linux.bin 
 af7dc1b0d1bb75205334fdece01d385e   189   2015-05-09   el.x86_64.linux.bin.asc 
 0012a5c0cb8138b6d16971798897ada4   19   2015-05-10   el.x86_x64.linux.bin 
 8d4fcd4fc36ac76b09171e861e3f88ca   54809   2016-02-21 
 46962fe07907fd5ebcd030d4ebebbacd   57438168   2015-05-09 
 82f04374f76be83cbd6da910b92e7406   181   2015-05-09 
 70b269c3bebe3aaab9371c3f85d29bbb   3546624   2015-05-11   el_mmtest.exe 
 c1e602074d3ef563512833d9b42bffd1   181   2015-05-11   el_mmtest.exe.asc 
 5980492e7abdd1e1a7adebf0db1c1f6b   63568792   2015-08-10 
 e5eb6ac1c8daacc42b97f2ebf35c7a16   181   2015-08-10 
 28678c3fce12780859ab29d673658681   42908361   2015-08-11 
 954157bcdebc212c6563c09eb6679b7e   181   2015-08-11 

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